Back from holiday with a fluffy surpris

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Just got back from a short getaway and also been super busy settling in with this little one. 
our new family member Dolly =]

Came home from my holiday found this little surprise in my room, she's a 2yrs old Tibetan Spaniel use to be my mum frd's dog due to moving interstate they can't bring him along. She is soo FLUFFY! :P
Been spending a lot of time getting to know her, now i have grown attached to this little one. Surprisingly dolly and my cat is getting along very well. win win! :D

Ok so no more excuses i will be back to blogging and reviewing. Went a little crazy with online shopping for the past 2 weeks so stay tune for a lot of hauls and reviews~~~

C xx
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