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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

As promised here's my December BellaBox review :)

4 Full size items! :D

Lets start with my Favourite!!
OZOTIC 530 (5/5) Full Size - Been a nail polish addict i felt in love with this colour instantly (glitter + duo chrome = perfect match)  because i just had my nails done recently i could not swatch this colour for you guys however i did manage find a nice swatch from

Batiste Dry Shampoo Blush (5/5) Full Size - I LOVE this product! It is such a saver in moments when your roots become really oily and you don't have the time to wash you hair. What's even better is it smells great! However the only down side is because i have dark brown hair it leaves white patches (not pretty), takes awhile to massages into your hair without making it so obvious you are wearing dry shampoo. 

Eylure Naturalites Intense Lashes #140 - This lash are both lengthy and full adding that va-va-oom to your natural lashes. these gorgeous lashes are made for day or night use while being easy to apply. I never really been a fan of fake eyelashes mainly because it takes me forever to put them on, I only wear them on special occasions. My favourite pair are Mac #20 & #7 lashes. 

Savoir Faire Cosmetics Concealer (4/5) Full Size- I have felt in love with this brand since my first bellabox when they brought out the lipsticks (amazing packaging + smooth application) of cause I was so exited to try out other products from SF. This remind me of Laura Mercier Undercover Pot which has the same packaging as SF. 

Elemis Pro-colleagen Quartz Lift Mask 3ml - Never used any Elemis products due to their prices its not something i can afford at this stage of my life, therefore i was so happy to see this in the box especially if it is Victoria Beckham favourite brand. According to the description of this product it claims to treat deep wrinkles, loss of firmness and lost of elasticity its definitely a good product to try for all the mums out there. 

Sorry for the late Bellabox review I know most of you would already read it or got yours by now, but hey late is better than never :)
Until next time...

C xoxo

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